Patrol Count Wrong

This might be a minor issue, one of our Patrols has 5 Scouts. On the Troop’s unit page, under the Patrols section, it says, “SCOUTS: 6”. When I pull up the Patrol’s page, it says “Scouts (5)”. Does this matter? I want to make sure we don’t have a phantom Scout associated with the Patrol.

Are you a unit admin? If so, I would look for a scout on the unit roster with a non-approved membership (or a vestigial leadership role) in the patrol. I’ve seen counts be off for that before.

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Do you have a troop guide assigned to that patrol?

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We have that same thing with a den. No Den Chief.


@Matt.Johnson Do you use or have you ever used denners?

Never. Not in person or Scoutbook. (as I cub I did 35 years ago)

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Yes, we do have a Troop Guide. Didn’t realize that Scout, who also counts in his regular or actual patrol, would also count for his Troop Guide patrol. Thanks.

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