NYLT CDC - Module 5 - Broken

The Health and Safety module on the NYLT CDC training hangs after submitting a response to the first question, about 40% of the way into the module.

I have tried on 4 different computers, Win10, Chromebook, and even Windows 7.
Chome, FireFox, Brave, Edge and even IE.

I was able to back out, and complete the remaining modules, but this one will not proceed past this point. There is a virtual CDC training happening Nov 20, 2021, which this course is a prerequisite for.

@ScottWilkinson - I just went through and tested the module without issue. I was using Windows 10, MS Edge browser in an InPrivate window. BTW the questions come at the end of the module.

I have tried a few more machines, and browser combos, still no luck.
Spoke to a couple other people on my NYLT Staff, and they experienced similar issues, and eventually powered through. This is becoming a very common problem for me on multiple trainings.

I say 40%, because that is where it says I stopped. See attachment.

I get to the first question, hit submit, and the check boxes grey out, and nothing. See attachment.

This is the only spot in this training that I have had an issue, otherwise I am 94% done. See attachment.

Scott - try answering the question with only option C checked.

Well, that did it on Brave, didn’t work on Chrome. I tried every check box combo possible on Chrome.

Okay, so you are saying you completed the module?