OA Eligibility Report - Adults

Adults are only showing as eligible if the have 15 short term nights and 5 long term nights (at least 20) instead of a total of at least 15 nights of which 5 must be long term nights.

Well that’s not right. :^)

Actually, for the 2021 election cycle, the OA rules have become more lenient. Make sure you read all the way through, since there are several revisions.

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Because of the Temporary Camping Requirement Changes, our Lodge advised unit leaders that they should not rely exclusively on the OA Eligibility calculators in either Scoutbook or Troopmaster. Instead they should run a camping activity report for each Scout who is First Class or above and then manually calculate camping nights that fall within the the 2-year eligibility period. Not every unit leader did that, but those that did usually had 1 - 5 Scouts and 1 or more adults be eligible that were not shown as eligible in Scoutbook or Troopmaster.


@CharlesOlson - thanks… that is actually a better plan given the current guidance.

The youth are showing up correctly as eligible, it’s adult leaders that are not.

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