OA Eligibility Report Affected by Aug 9 SB/IA changes

FYI, with yesterday’s change moving the user profile fields to IA, and the lack of ability to enter “Date Joined Scouts BSA” in IA, the OA Eligibility Report is now partially broken in two ways:

  1. For any scout who didn’t already have this field populated in Scoutbook, there is no way for the report to determine whether the scout is eligible for OA and no way to enter that data.
  2. For any scout who has this field empty, the links at the bottom of the report which are supposed to let you enter the date simply send you back to the landing page for Scoutbook. And you can’t enter this in Scoutbook anymore.

SUAC - thank you for fielding all these issues - I am sorry you have been put in this situation. If you have any ability to provide input to BSA IT, please let them know that this rollout is a huge mess.



The missing Date Joined fields have been reported to the developers. IT is aware of the mess that has been created with this rollout.


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