OA Eligibility Report Error?

When running the OA eligibility report, I’m getting eight scouts who are listed under the following group:

“Cannot calculate. Please enter Date Joined Venturing on Scout’s Edit Profile page in Scoutbook.”

The date is entered for each of the scouts in question on the Edit Profile section of IA (not SB, as stated)

[name redacted]
Member ID130854740
30 Merit Badges - Earned
Date Joined Venturing [05/12/2022]

Am I missing something? Is there an error?

Try opening, retyping, and saving the date. I’ve occasionally seen some sort of invisible error (maybe a data format issue?) that is resolved by doing that, at least on the troop side of the house.

No luck on that method. Multiple attempts with multiple youth…same results as before

@StephenHenley post the URL of the report for us please

@StephenHenley - so I ran the OA report for my crew and found one scout listed on the cannot calculate date joined missing, his profile did not have a date joined. I went into his profile and added the date joined and re-ran the report and he was then properly listed as not eligible.

I have occasionally seen a delay of maybe an hour or so between when I entered the dates and when they appeared correctly on the reports.

ok, so…partial success. It no longer says “Cannot calculate. Please enter Date Joined Venturing on Scout’s Edit Profile page in Scoutbook.” I suppose that’s a step in the right direction…

“Date Joined Venturing” is still blank, however, in the OA report. All other views show a date the individuals joined and no one is shown under those “ineligible”

URL as requested: OA Eligibility Report

still no luck, Jacob.

@StephenHenley can you give some Scoutbook USer IDs for those without Join Date please

SB User IDs as requested:


FWIW, I expect that it’s totally a PEBKAC error on my part…I just can’t figure out what’s wrong to fix it.

@StephenHenley you could also search for me as a user and add me as an admin and I can look at it first hand

…and I just double-checked to make sure they all had a listed Join Date for Venturing in Scoutbook. If it isn’t something I’ve done, I’m guessing that it just hasn’t been a problem because Venturing numbers are so small and many are already in OA from their time in the Troops.

Need one two of the following to look you up:
BSA Member ID
City and State

@StephenHenley just search my name I am the only one to show up - me in a cowboy hat

I did. Unfortunately, it won’t let me search without TWO of those bits of data.

Screenshot 2023-08-11 at 12.20.02 PM

It’s not just you. Our crew OA report gives a category of needs date joined Venturing even though their IA profiles show said date.

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Check now - Devs have pushed a Fix

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Ooooh…so close. Unfortunately, it seems like they forgot to take into account “Current Award” (it’s actually now a rank…has been for a couple of years now).

The top one here should be eligible (he’s Discovery rank). Those with their ranks should have them listed.

Can I assume the devs are looking into it?