Repeat - Update? / OA Eligibility Report Affected by Aug 9 SB/IA changes

This was originally reported back in August 2022, but still doesn’t appear to be fixed. As we are in new OA Election Season for many lodges it’s causing issues with Troops knowing who is eligible. Do we have any timeline when this will be fixed?

FYI, with yesterday’s change moving the user profile fields to IA, and the lack of ability to enter “Date Joined Scouts BSA” in IA, the OA Eligibility Report is now partially broken in two ways:

  1. For any scout who didn’t already have this field populated in Scoutbook, there is no way for the report to determine whether the scout is eligible for OA and no way to enter that data.
  2. For any scout who has this field empty, the links at the bottom of the report which are supposed to let you enter the date simply send you back to the landing page for Scoutbook. And you can’t enter this in Scoutbook anymore.

***The missing Date Joined fields have been reported to the developers. IT is aware of the mess that has been created with this rollout.

I can edit Date Joined Scouts BSA in the youth profiles. It is directly below the youth’s name in the IA2 profile interface. I tested that both on scouts who joined prior to the profile migration (and had data) and for scouts who joined afterwards (and did not).

The tooltip indicates only Admins and Key 3 (actually and Key 3 delegates) can edit it.

ETA: The process I used was:

  • Open Scoutbook in one browser window then run the OA eligibility report.
  • I then opened IA2 in another browser window so they were side-by-side.
  • I crawled through the roster and picked each scout who was listed as missing a Date Joined Scouts BSA in the OA report.
  • I clicked their name in IA2, clicked the Date Joined Scouts BSA under the name, and moved ahead.
  • I re-ran the report after fixing all of them, and everything worked as it should.

I even caught an adult arrowman who wasn’t correctly listed and was able to fix that via IA2.

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Screen Shot 2023-02-14 at 3.16.54 PM

Not in the most obvious place


Thanks for the info guys - but even as Troop SB Admin & Key-3 Delegate it says “Restricted to Admins & Parents/Guardians”.

@Dan_Henderson - yes it is information. Can you click on it to add the date

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Try clicking on the date where it is underlined.

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So took me about 6 attempts - as I would attempt to click that message would pop up. Finally by moving mouse very slowly I was able to click into the edit field before that message popped up. Appreciate the help - would agree with others that it’s not very obvious anymore.

UPDATE: Appears to be more of a problem with Mac Safari Browser - it kept immediately popping-up the message and wouldn’t allow me to edit. However I tried it in Google Chrome and it let me updated it easily.

Due to the availability of the Feature Assistant Extension for Chirome and Firefox, we recommend only using Chrome or Firefox to access Scoutbook on a Mac or PC.

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