OA Eligibility report - eligible scouts who are already in OA


Our OA report is listing Scouts eligible for the OA that we think are already in the OA.

What input is the report looking for to indicate a Scout is in the OA?


Are the scouts marked OA members in their IA Profiles?


Do they have a date for completion of the Ordeal?

I don’t know; I can’t actually see other Scout’s information for OA. I will ask.

Is this the field that marks them as being in OA or not?

An Admin would either need to go in and individually mark each Scout - or use this Quick Entry

Screenshot 2024-03-25 at 3.06.57 PM

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There is a checkbox for “OA Member”.

However, an individual is not officially a member of the OA until after completing the Ordeal. So, a Scout might get elected, not complete the Ordeal within the specified time period, then need to be eligible and re-elected.

OK I see that now for my son (all fields are blank as he is not OA).

Which field(s) must be populated for them to show up as an OA member?

At a minimum the “OA Member” box has to be checked.

and I think elections date is noted in report - would have to look at it again

At a minimum the “OA Member” box has to be checked.


@StevenSheldon It is better if the Election and the Ordeal dates are filled in.

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I’m actually in the Troop with Steve. Here’s an example with my son’s info. He shows on the eligibility report but his profile shows Ordeal Member.
Screenshot 2024-03-25 at 4.22.03 PM
Screenshot 2024-03-25 at 4.23.37 PM

@JasonLindsey Is the “OA Member” box checked?

Also have 2 brothers that went through same Ordeal last year. Both have OA Member checked, both show Ordeal member on their profile. One boy shows as eligible to be elected, other shows already a member.

I’m having trouble recreating the error. All of my scouts and scouters are showing up as expected in the report.

What’s the screen you’re screen capture is from, @JasonLindsey? When I look at a youth profile on IA2 in the OA membership area, it looks like this:

Is the difference just browser/OS variation?

For reference, this youth shows on the OA Eligibility Report under “Current OA Members”, despite not having the “OA Active Member” box ticked. That behavior makes sense to me (i.e. you shouldn’t reappear on the “eligible” or “not eligible” lists, just because your dues are late).

Feature request:
If there could be a flag in the OA Eligibility Report (e.g. asterisk) next to the name that indicated that the “OA Active Member” tickbox was blank for folks marked “OA Member” and/or have the OA Ordeal Date" entered, it might be helpful for folks trying to identify any “gaps” in the data.

@JasonLindsey @StevenSheldon - I am happy to setup a screenshare to take a look