OA Eligibility Report Error?

All, it’s been a few days…still not showing as expected/intended. Any update?

Ranks should be showing now

Confirmed that ranks are showing, but it is still showing “Not Eligible for Order of the Arrow” (same image as above, but with ranks)


Can you post the URL of the report so we can give it to the developers?

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Done and thanks! Again, I still think it’s within the realms of a PEBKAC error or there is a definition of “qualified” that I’m misunderstanding.


I suspect the change from award to rank was only partially completed in the report. I have notified the developers and passed on the URL.


yes, Discovery (adding characters here so I can post)

I would note that the top row of the section showing those that need date started venturing has a note

“Cannot calculate. Please enter Date Joined Venturing on Scout’s Edit Profile page in Scoutbook.”

With the profile being in IA, this should be updated to reflect said change.

*It is fair to note that later on in the report, in the section for those who “Needs Date Joined Venturing” the “SET DATE” hyperlink for each participant listed does take one to their IA profile page.

Report URL in case you need it:

Thanks, Robert. It had that originally despite entered dates. That portion has since been corrected (at least for my unit), however, we’re still missing “eligible” personnel that should be.


The developers have released a new fix. Can you run your report again and let us know if this fixes it?

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Huzzah! We’re cookin’ with gas now!!!

Thanks to the devs, et al!

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