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OA Eligibility Report - Needs Date Joined Scouts BSA


Whenever I run the OA Eligibility Report, I have some Scouts where it shows that I need to enter the date they started Scouts BSA. However, when I click on “SET DATE” it takes me to the profile to edit, but there is no place to enter a date they started.

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Screenshot 2020-03-02 13.42.54

It is right under Boy’s Life

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Not for these Scouts…

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What do you see on their [Scout]'s Membership page under Current Memberships?

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That was the trick. So three of these are new Webelos crossovers, they were showing in the Pack and the Troop. Ending their membership in the Pack made the date joined Scouts SBA light up, and I could set the date.


does the troop membership in Notes say AKELA anywhere? were the Pack memberships approved?

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Yes, for example one said AkelaSBDeltaSyncInsert


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