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OA Eligibility Report Set Date

When I open the OA Eligibility Report I have a new Scout, Eli, that needs a “SET DATE” When I click on that box it takes me to a different Scout, David.

This is a Screen Shot of the new Scouts membership data. How do I “SET DATE” and fix this.


The date joined is actually under the profile rather than the memberships.

@CMM323 - set date joined BSA in the scout profile. The action is go to scout, then edit profile, scroll to date joined field.

Thanks to both of you. Any reason why when I click on the SET DATE box in the report if brings me to a different Scout’s membership page?

Normally, I would suspect multiple memberships, but it doesn’t look like that from what you posted. If you’re a Unit Admin, try clicking on the current membership and reapproving it.

I did try reapproving the current membership.
I fixed his membership date on the profile page, thanks again.

I assume it will take 24 hours to update? Once it all updates it shouldn’t be a problem. The scout it sends me to is now an Adult in the troop.

@CMM323 - did you look at the scout page itself then the edit profile as noted. The membership data was not where we were pointing you.

Yes, I opened his profile page and added the start date. Sorry about the typo in the other post, I’ll fix that.

There is no 24 hour wait for things to update within scoutbook. It should be immediate.

date joined

This was the line edited and you scrolled down to click update ?

Yes, thanks again for all your help. You all have been great.

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