OA Eligibility Report Not Capturing March 2020

I ran an OA eligibility report as of February 8, 2022. It did not capture camping nights from March 2020 (yes, just prior to the COVID lockdown). I do not see anything I can modify in the search criteria. What am I missing?

Thank you.

Was this true for all Scouts in the unit? Was it all dates before and including March 2020?

I would check two things. For the scouts who are missing the March 2020 nights, what is their “Date Joined Scouts BSA” set to? If it’s blank or after the campout dates, then that might explain the “missing” nights.

If their date is set correctly and was prior to the campout, I would check whether or not the nights are marked as Approved in the activity logs. That (I think) reflects in whether or not they “count” in the report.

Finally, if all of those “check”, I would make sure that the nights fall into the right “category”. The “normal” requirements for OA camping are at least five nights from long-term campouts of five nights or more, plus at least ten nights from short-term campouts of four or fewer nights each. So, a scout who has 20 nights of short-term camping, but no long-term camping, has at least 15 nights, but does not meet the “usual” eligibility criteria. There were some “temporary” criteria for eligibility which waived the long-term/short-term split, but I believe those have now expired.

Are the camping nights from 2020 approved? Is the Election Date set such that these March dates are to be included? Is the Scout’s Date Joined Scouts BSA set so that the March dates are included?

The OA Eligibility Report does not consider the COVID eligibility exceptions.

Thanks, @edavignon. That was kinda what I remembered with regard to how the report operated, but I wanted to point out that at least some of the “exceptions” had expired, in case the user wasn’t aware of the change.

Reference: https://oa-bsa.org/coronavirus

Here is what I found:

  1. The issue affects all Scouts who were on the March 2020 campout. The OA eligibility report was run with a date of February 9, 2022. So, the March 2020 campout is in the two-year window.
  2. I have confirmed that the activity has been “approved.” When I look at each Scout’s individual record, the nights are in the totals, but still not in the OA report.
  3. This was an in-person, short-term campout, so Covid rules are not in play. Also, each Scout has long-term nights, so I do not think there is any sort of conflict which would cause short-term nights not to be included.
  4. Some Scouts have a “date joined Scouts BSA” that is prior to the campout. Others have no date.

I do think that the issue has something to do with “date joined Scouts BSA.” When I run an activity report, the event shows up when I select “all dates” but not when I select “date joined Scouts BSA.” What is odd though is that one Scout has a date that is prior to March 2020 and the other has no date. Also, I can’t figure out what it is about that particular event which cause it to be excluded given the checks above, but other camping nights show up in the OA report.

Any other ideas?

The OA eligibility report is really slick (and has the potential to save some effort), but I worry about its accuracy given that it is excluding this campout.

Thank you for your help.

@MarkWarnsman - you have to enter a date joined scouts BSA for each scout

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The “Date Joined Scouts BSA” is used as a way to filter out Cub Scout camping, which cannot be used for OA eligibility.

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The thing is that it is not working for boys who have a date entered. It is not worth my time to keep troubleshooting further. I appreciate the suggestions, but none of them have fixed the issue.

Its too bad, the OA report looked promising, but it is not worth it if I can’t rely on it. I’ll just keep using the standard activity report and my usual manual method. Disappointing.

@MarkWarnsman If you could please post the BSA member numbers (no names please), we can take a look.

Regardless of this report, filling in the dates for when they joined Scouts BSA is important. It will come into play in other reports (Eagle Application for example).

Also, any time spent troubleshooting can drive out bugs for the whole country. As you can see in the forums, Scoutbook doesn’t have an internal army of QA testers. You, me, and all others end up being that final QA test. When we report bugs, we all benefit.

The following Scouts are not receiving “credit” for camping at an event March 13-15, 2020 in an OA Eligibility Report run on February 8, 2022. I have also included the numbers for Scouts who are receiving credit for participating in the same event. Thank you for your help.

No credit – with “Date Joined Scouts BSA”
133504744 (2/1/2019)
133695514 (2/1/2019)
132352253 (2/1/2019)

No credit – no “Date Joined Scouts BSA”

Credit received
132614841 (1/1/2016)
132670533 (3/1/2019)
130085943 (3/1/2018)
134086000 (1/1/2017)
122976228 (7/1/2014)

126726397 (2/1/2016)
125278190 (3/1/2015)
132773713 (3/1/2019)

@MarkWarnsman I have reported your issue to the developers.

@MarkWarnsman Mark! Thanks for not giving up on the troubleshooting! By finding this bug, reporting it, proving it, and sticking with it, there is a good chance it will get fixed. It may take a couple of weeks, to a couple of months, but ALL OF US who use Scoutbook will benefit. Fewer bugs will build trust in Scoutbook as well. Thanks for sticking in there!

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