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OA Sash Banner in Roster

The addition of the OA Sash visible in Roster format would be especially helpful for Units with a lot of OA Members. Currently you need to go into each individual Scout or Adult to see if they are members of the Order of the Arrow.

Actually, if you run the OA Eligibility report, it has sections listing OA members at the youth and adult levels. I believe you can also report the information in Roster Builder reports.

I am pretty sure that report only shows Yourh, the feature I am requesting would show both Youth and Adults and would be a feature seen on an Arrowman’s profile when you click on the Unit.

I checked before I posted. Both youth and adult Arrowmen are shown in the OA Eligibility report, if their OA information is added to their profiles.


Thank You! I would still like to see it in Roster format so I don’t to keep running a report.

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I will add this to the backlog but my gut feeling is that it will be given such a low priority that it will not be implemented. The BSA is trying to move away from adding information to the roster that puts additional load on the servers. Having to do a query for OA membership for each member when the roster is displayed would create such additional server load.

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