Odd profile observation


I’m seeing something odd and could use some help understanding.
Scout - SB User ID: 12031595

Both parents are showing in Scoutbook. Parent #2 doesn’t look right in Scoutbook (no contact information in the Modify Connection screen). If I click on Edit Profile, their information shows up (Member ID 13968182). Also, in the Internet Advancement roster, Parent #2 doesn’t appear to be properly linked to the Scout.

Is there a way for me to correct this?

Thanks in advance for your help!

@JerryKezar compared to another parent issue that is going on - everything looks fine on the backend. hard to understand what you are seeing. We could setup a screenshare to see, or I can setup as admin in your unit to take a look at it.

I’m up to try either. I’m SB User ID: 2091313

Thank you!

OK I see what you are saying @JerryKezar - let me give this some thought for a fix

@JerryKezar I wonder what the user sees?

@JerryKezar it does not add up - but go to connection and send Invite again and make sure user knows it is coming and to click it from email

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