Old Calendar events missing impact camping record?

Was looking at the OA eligibility report and only our January campout nights are counted. Know that we had marked attendence for campouts last year as we were just learning SB. However when I went back in the calendar nothing before September 2019 exists anymore.

I had been the primary troop admin maintaining events and I didn’t do anything with the old events to remove those to my knowledge.

If we mark attendance in the calendar events, what happens if the events are removed from the calendar? Do the scouts lose that from their record? Should we be recording event participation via calendar events or quick entry feature with future camping?

The OA Eligibility Report only looks at the Scouts’ Camping Logs - not the calendar.

Understand but if we mark attendance in an event, does that get marked in the Scouts camping log at that point? So that if the event is removed from the calendar, the scouts camping log it still showing it?

The Camping Log and the Scoutbook calendar are not linked together.

However, the Feature Assistant Extension has a feature where you can open the Camping / Hiking / Service Quick Entry logs pre-filled with information from an Event.

Did not include it in my initial report but the scout only show January 2020 camping even in their individual camping logs.

So is there any benefit in taking attendance in a calendar?

I have played around with the extension some but most in our unit are not technically savy by any means. Also I don’t believe their devices are supported(iPad/iPhones).

There are benefits to taking attendance in the calendar. For example, you can take attendance of adults and you can get an overview of who attended an event. The logs are not connected, because Scouts might attend an event, but not necessarily camp overnight, have the same service hours, etc. The calendar does not allow for individual variations, but the logs do.

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Thanks for the explanation on the calendar usage.

With our events disappearing for some unknown reason, we could possibly use it but would be hesitant with relying on it.

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