Old username not working, but still causing issues

I have had the honor of scouting in a few locations. I am having an issue trying to merge my member IDs from previous years.

I have 3 accounts listed on my current profile

  1. Member ID 12897798

Council National Capital Area Council 082 – Current Primary account

  1. Member ID 134458154

Council Golden Gate Area 023

  1. Member ID 4578570

Council Cradle Of Liberty Council 525

The first is from 2018 to 2022 where I was in various roles at pack 1967 in VA. The second was from 2017-2018 where I was a den leader at Pack 1095 in CA. The third is from 1986-2004 where I was a cubscout (pack 551), boyscout (troop 481), than an assistant scout master (troop 481) in PA.

The account missing is an Assistant Scoutmaster with Troop 3 in Ketchikan (I think it might officially be troop 1003) from 2006-2008. When I tried to merge my accounts in 2018, this one did not work (nor have I been able to join the account in the last few years). It should appear as:

  1. Member ID 118384850

Council Great Alaska Council 610

This account is the one at council in Anchorage, but it is not the one I used for all my training and is attached to a different scouting user name that i cant access.

Thank you for your time.

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@DavidHolden looks all good now - not sure why manage member ID would not work? seemed fine