Scout user cannot be found

There is a Life scout in our troop, but his profile in Internet advancement 2.0 shows no ranks or records. I’ve checked his BSAID and spelling of his name in both Troopmaster and My.scouting and both are correct and the same. When importing summer camp advancements, all other scouts records imported ok but this scouts record gave the error “Scout user cannot be found”. Suggestions? He will be going up for his scoutmaster conference for Eagle in a few weeks , so need to get this sorted out soon.

are there any special characters in the name? Does the Scout appear in Member Manager?

No special characters, and he does appear in member manager with the same Id number and spelling

Have you talked to Council? Do they see any advancements for the Scout in their system?

is the DOB the same?

DOB is the same , I’ll call council and ask if they see any records. Thanks