Key 3 Recharter

I’m a Key 3 trying to do recharter since our charter is about to expire. When going to Organization Manager on there is no Recharter Tab. I checked with my Council and they report other folks are having issues as well. Any idea?

See Unit and Membership Renewal | Boy Scouts of America

Believe me I have watched and read the recharter process many times. The recharter tab is not there. According to others this is a ongoing bug that some Key 3 have no access.

Have your council enter a support ticket.

@KeithSmith4 - i think this is what you should be looking for:


I understand that. When clicking on Unit Renewal leaders only listed but are grayed out and can’t make position changes or removal of members and NO Cubs listed. Plus, no recharter button as shown in videos and handouts. Thanks.

@KeithSmith4 - this should be addressed by your council. I would suggest reaching out to them

@DonovanMcNeil Does this seem like a multiple ID situation?

I think it is the new renewal system - it is not recharter and different from it - that is why it is a council question - I have not seen new system