Recharter Button is missing

The recharter button is missing on Internet Advancement application. How can my unit restore this button?

If it is your pack I am guessing it is past the 2 month window - we are checking

am told this will be fixed today

I am the commissioner trying to help Pack 133 Blue Star District, Great Lakes Division, Michigan Crossroads Council.

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Thank you for the assistance.

@DonovanMcNeil Council 576 has a least four instances that appear to be this problem. Is there a guesstimate of what time today the fix should be effective.


We were told EOB (end of business)

Thank you for the info. (there, that’s 20 characters)

The fix has been released

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Any idea if the fix affected the behavior of Position Manager? That is, is a unit with an as-yet unposted December 2021 recharter considered lapsed today or lapsed on March 31? One of our units is trying to create a Key 3 Delegate to get their recharter back in gear.

Any other way to create a delegate if Position Manager considers unit lapsed today?

Check again today, now that some time as passed, and see if they can do the function.

Contact your Council registrar. They should be able to designate someone in your unit as a Key 3 Delegate.

As of this morning, Crew 424 (council 576) reports that it does not see Recharter on the IA sidebar. They stated the following the instructions below.

Still waiting for Crew 878 that still could create Key 3 Delegate to respond about whether or not they now see Recharter on the sidebar.

Waiting for response from 2 packs about whether or not they see Recharter in sidebar.

BTW, instructions we gave to units were: log off any BSA site, close browser, open browser, clear cache and cookies for *,, log in, check application in question (IA or OM->PM).

Please provide the bsa member number of the individual logging in.

Thanks Jacob. When I followed up with the reporting unit, I found an error they had made in following the instructions. Crew 0424 is resolved.

I suspect that the two packs will also be resolved when we hear back from them because their symptoms were identical.

The question remaining actually relates to Crew 878 which is trying to create a K3 Delegate using Position Manager. At 8PM CST yesterday, it was still showing the Advisor’s registration as expired and would not let him enter the delegation. (He is the only available Key 3 member of the unit.) I am unsure how to interpret the 1/7/22 MYS login announcement. Is the unit considered expired after the charter expiration date (12/31/21)? Or is it considered expired at the end of the lapse period which is (now) 3/31/22?

I will follow up with my registrar as @edavignon suggested to see if she can create the Delegate for the unit. (She has part-time assignments to other roles which ended about 10 minutes ago.) However, she referred the problem to me which suggests that she doesn’t know that she can.

[Follow up] Our council registrar doesn’t do Scoutbook administration. I have found the person who is the (or a) Scoutbook administrator and waiting for him to call back to see if we can create the delegate.

Crew 878 (the one having the delegate issue) confirms that it can now see the Recharter link in IA2.0. So that part of the problem appears resolved.

You are looking to make the person a delegate in my.scouting and not Scoutbook.

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Correct. The Scoutbook admin found the council’s version of Position Manager. It exhibits behavior identical to the unit’s version:

  • All registered positions display a black tooltip to the effect that registration is expired.
  • Any attempt at functional role assignment displays no names for assignment when there are two committee types available for assignment.

Conclusion: Position Manager, for both units and councils, treats a unit as expired when the expiration business month is closed without any lapse period. Creation of a new K3D is impossible until a recharter is posted.

Suggestion for Improvement: It would have been helpful to have the 1/7/22 MYS login message posted by mid-December with a clear statement that PM does not support the lapse period so there is no confusion with other systems which do. At least everyone would have been warned in advance.

Thanks to all for your helpful suggestions. Looks like we’ll fall back to manual recharter if the K3 with whom we have re-established contact isn’t able to complete the recharter.

my name is Sarah with Troop 273 and the recharter button is missing?! is there any way to fix this? Thanks

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@SarahDavis4 Please contact your local council for assistance, but I see the troop’s expiration date as 05/31/2023.

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