Online signup for MB counselor

Is there a way to sign up as a Merit badge counselor online?

Ask your local council registrar. Some councils offer it and some do not.


Our Council require that it be submitted through them, do anyone have an ideal on how long it takes to know rather a person is approved or not?

Each Council processes MBC applications at a different speed. You will need to ask your Council what their typical delay is.

Thanks. One last question I’m not understanding the new merit badge procedure. With me being a counselor I need to remove my self as a connection to my kid in order to do his badges when he sits in on my classes?

No you shouldn’t you just need to connect yourself as a MBC. Follow the directions here: How Merit Badge Counselors (MBCs) can Connect to Scouts for Merit Badges (SB) | Scoutbook Knowledge Base

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ok awesome well I removed myself as a connection, reading it wrong how do i connect myself back to my scout?

No you do not remove your parent connection
just add another connection as a MBC by following the directions in the link

thanks so much for everything

If you already removed your parent connection, you’ll have to ask someone else with a full control connection to go into the connection and check the parent/guardian box.

Or you can go to your My Connection page, click on Connect to your Scout as Parent/Guardian. You need the Scout’s last name, date of birth and BSA Member ID to connect this way.

MB Counselor is a District Level position. As such, if your Council is doing it correctly you have to fill out an Adult App for position 42-Merit Badge Counselor. You then have to submit (usually at same time) a Counselor Information form on which you list the badges you want and why you think you are qualified to teach them. If you are already registered as 42, you use the Counselor Information form to add or drop subjects. The information form is reviewed and each subject is authorized or not. In our council that is done by a District person. At least one council i know of has implemented the Information form on-line, but it is still approved by a district person before being entered into ScoutNet.

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Application processing time


Some time required is beyond control of BSA council. For example, background checks. The council or district may not be able to say how long it is going to take.

Applicant takes youth protection training, prepares application and attachments. One to two weeks? Reduce time required if already registered in an adult volunteer position. Additional time to gather additional training completion certification for certain badges?

Assuming funding, council professionals and council and/or district volunteers are available and pandemic safety permit communications :

  • Application received. Background check requested. 2 weeks to a month is typical.
  • Assuming council/district advancement chair/committee is verifying qualifications Varys by council/district. One week to a month?
  • If council has subject-based committee(s) reviewing MBC qualifications for certain badges, add additional time for transmitting and reviewing those badges.

For renewals, assuming funds are available, councils are now trying to redo background checks about every 4 years. Add time to process those renewals.

Training Time

In addition to youth protection training (about 2 hours?), council advancement committees may require merit badge counselor applications take the time (about 34 minutes) to complete basic leader position-specific training


and review of the merit badge program sections of the Guide to Advancement before meeting with Scouts.

Some badges may require that MBCs redo periodic training which might be offered by non-BSA organizations in order to remain “current”.