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Is anyone else getting a 404 error message when trying to take an online training course? Do we know how long it will be down?

Yes, I am getting the same messages. I’m trying to do the Youth Protection Training.

It’s broken for me as well.

Yes mine is doing the same thing

The training content is working again for me.

Can anyone find the link for online Troop Committee Challenge?
Any online links open directly to but then the courses are no longer numbered and I’ve spent literally hours looking for the link.
Much thanks!!

There are two learning plans. For a general committee member, there is “Scouts BSA - Troop Committee Position - Specific Training”. For a committee chair, there is “Scouts BSA - Troop Committee Chair - Position Specific Training”. The chair has one additional lesson included. Go to Catalog > Learning Plans and search for “Committee”

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Thanks for your reply. All learning plans for Committee and CChair are available and completed. However, Committee Challenge does not come up on any search–unless I am using the incorrect course title.

There isn’t anything called Troop Committee Challenge in the online training. I think that’s a holdover from when it was one single course instead of a collection of individual lessons. Do you have the learning plan complete but it’s not considering you trained?

This is the in-person committee training course, rather than the online version (made up of multiple sub-courses). There is not an online version of the Troop Committee Challenge, unless an individual council is offering the “classroom” training in a virtual format. I’m actually not 100% sure that the in-person training is still extant. There is some information here, but the title has changed, so I’m guessing that the training has similarly changed.

I know on the Pack side, there used to be 3 different syllabuses (CM/ACM, Den Leaders, and Pack Chair/Committee) for in-person training. Back in 2015, this included the Pack Committee Challenge (now outdated) for the Chair and Committee members.

However, the Adult Training page now includes only a single syllabus for Cub Scout Position-Specific Training, which includes some common group sessions and breakouts for the 3 positions. The “Committee Challenge” name appears to have been deprecated.

On the main BSA Training page, there is a Position Trained Requirements list from Aug 2020. This document still lists “C60 Pack Committee Challenge” and “WS10 Troop Committee Challenge” as alternates to the online training. However, the Training Course Codes list (from 2019?) appears to have renamed C60 to “Pack Committee Member Pos Spec Tng Classroom”.

My guess is that the “Committee Challenge” names have been retired, but they’re still cropping up in a few places, especially when you talk to people who have been around for a while :wink:

Yes, and WS10 (Committee Challenge) yet “To Do”.

Confirms that old training being melded with new training and from old website to new site – very confusing, but that answers the question: that there is no longer a Troop Committee Challenge with the new training modules.

That’s actually pretty common where there are both a fully-online and a hybrid online/in-person option for completing the position-specific training. If you complete one pathway, it still shows the other pathway as “to do”.

It’s extremely confusing!
However, I am MOST GRATEFUL for all of you on this forum who offer such a wealth of knowledge and experience to those of us just starting out.
Much thanks!

Journey to Excellence training is without audio
I have checked other courses, and their audio is playing, but the Journey to Excellence is not.

@WilliamBronson The sound is working for me in the JTE training module.

Which browser are you using? I am using Chrome.

I ran into this same no sound issue on my iPad using Safari with the JTE and Charter Representative training. Having completed many other units with no issues. I was able to get them to run with sound on my desktop computer using Chrome.

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