WS10 Troop Committee Challenge - Classroom

I checked the Trained Leader Roster for my troop on my.scouting and I have classroom training on my to do list for WS10 Troop Committee Challenge - Classroom. Four members of our Committee are listed as having completed this classroom training. The Committee Chair said she has no idea what this is and that she has not taken it. I’m still waiting to hear back from the other members. Nobody that I’ve talked to has even heard of this. 2016 printing #511-039 is the syllabus for the class. Is this class even available?

The Trained Leader report is misleading. If you have completed the online training, you don’t need to do the classroom version. Conversely, if you have completed the classroom training, you don’t need to do the online version.

If the report says you are position trained, you are good to go.

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Is this class even available? Our Council Training Committee Chairman isn’t even aware of this training.


Can you address this?


Just google those words - WS10 Troop Committee Challenge

@DavidMyers4 - until a year or so ago you had two choices for Committee Training at the Troop level. “Troop Committee Challenge” (WS10/S10) was a game that helped you assemble a proper troop committee with the right skills and people slotted into jobs. I taught it a few (hundred) times. It was replaced by the online Troop Committee Training, but as it was said earlier, you could be trained by one of two methods - the old class, or online.There are a few Councils who still use it as I understand, but most have all but quit teaching the in-person training. The online training coveres so much more information.

The facilitated training is now literally the same as the online training. Like literally, they have you download the same module videos and play them. It is that way for all of the position specific scouts BSA trainings. They do not provide the materials for “troop committee challenge” anymore, but they never changed it in the system to reflect the new facilitated training.

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