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Committee Chair shows not trained

My Committee Chair shows not trained in the Trained Leader Report. He says it is not taking into account Legacy training. Is this true and if so how can it be updated?


If they took legacy training, request to see the training card they received, and one of the other Key 3 members can enter their training into the system in Training Manager. The code for the “Troop Committee Challenge” is WS10.

Did the Committee Chair switch positions after taking the training?

Along the lines of @RonaldBlaisdell’s comment, does your CC already show WS10 as completed in the Training Manager at my.scouting.org? If you are Training Chair or one of the Key 3, you should be able to look at that record (assuming he is currently registered as CC) or if you have his BSA ID and use “Training Validation” under “BSA Web Tools” in the left side menu at my.scouting.

No. He took the on line Committee Chair training in November 2018 and became the Chair in Jan 2019.

He took the online training in November 2018.

What I’m wondering is if the training changed between when he took the training (November 2018) and when he registered in the position (January 2019).

Scouters are “grandfathered” with regard to being “trained”, but only as long as they stay registered in a current position.

In principle, the online training should still appear on his record as completed, if you search using either of the methods I suggested. If it does not show up there, then see if he can download the certificates for completing the training when he logs in himself. If it’s not showing him as ever having completed the training (or if he didn’t complete all of the required training modules at the time), then the old training would have “expired”, and he would need to take the new training modules from scratch.

So, can I add the dates to the new SCO codes? For example SCO_412 Troop Committee Meetings for Boy Scouts shows he took on 11/09/2018. Can I add that date to SCO_445 Troop Committee Meetings for Boy Scouts?

I would recommend talking to your District or Council Training Chair.

Maybe your Committee Chair needs to take updated training, if the training changed after the CC took the training but before getting registered in the position. Your District Training Chair should be able to help.

The Leader Training Completed Report shows the completed training, but they are the old codes. The Position Training Requirements report uses the newer codes

Thanks. I will send them an email.

What is the BSA Member ID of the individual? We can look to see what positions he is trained for.

Fair point. If the leader completed all of the required courses prior to the transition to the new training courses, however, the Training Report should still show “YES” in their Position Trained column, even though the individual new courses show as not completed. If he did not complete all of the required online courses, then they expired, and he has to start over. There was a discussion of this back when the transition was coming up/in-process, I thought on these boards.

He had two numbers, 125925799 and the current one is 133821009. Thanks

He shows completed for SCO_400-15 on 11/09/2018 The SCO_400-15 class numbers correspond with the newer SCO_430-47. I have cross checked them.

133821009 shows he is trained as a committee member for Varsity Scouts but no other program. 125959799 (note the extra 9 from your post above) he is trained as a committee member in other programs.

He should log in to my.scouting.org, go to Menu -> Manage Member ID and add the 125959799 as a secondary Member ID. This will allow the training from the two MIDs to be merged and visible in your reports.

Since these MIDs are from two different councils, they cannot be merged by the registrar.

I’m not sure if I’m misunderstanding what you’re saying or not. Per this article in Bryan on Scouting, leaders can not carry over partial completions (e.g. mapping individual courses across). It’s all or nothing.

ETA: Oops. That should have been “can not carry over”, rather than the “can” I originally had there. My apologies.

Building on @CharleyHamilton’s post that partials don’t carry over, you may want to find out which modules were not completed, so as to explain why this person has to take all of the current modules to become trained.

Thanks to @Bill_W, there is a post with the historical requirements for position training for many positions, not just Cub Scouting.

BSA Training for Cub Scouting Volunteers

Part way down the post, see:

Basic Leader Training - for positions and roles


This issue has nothing to do with taking partial training. The volunteer in question has 2 BSA Member IDs. Training was taken under both IDs. The IDs need to be properly linked in my.scouting.org in order for all of the training to appear under one ID.