Unable to take online trainings

As a SM, I had 16 new required online trainings to complete. I knocked out 10 of them, but 6 don’t load. I get a message that says
“training _scouting.org refused to connect”.
Is this a temporary issue or is something broken?
My COR wants them done ASAP.

Specifically - Outdoor Ethics, PLC Meeting, Patrol Method, Roles of the Unit Key 3, Roles of SM and SPL, and Troop Meeting are the 6 that won’t load.

We have not heard of any system issues with training. Have you waited some time then tried again?

The training website is terrible. I get the same messege or a black screen from failure to load the video. Keeps happening and then its frustrating to have to start it all over again. Ater 5-6 times I gave up. I’m stuck on the segment for sexual abuse v2. Definitely needs to be fixed.

It all does seem pretty fragile. I would not count on it being fixed in time for you to do your training. One approach is to do it in incognito mode.

Ok thanks but not sure how incognito works.

Depends what browser you are using. It may be called “private” on some.

I’m having similar problems. I’m trying to catch up on training, so I’ve complete about 15 training modules. All of have worked fine except that “What is a Merit Badge Counselor?” always give this “refused to connect” message. I’ve tried multiple computers, multiple operating systems (Windows and Linux), Multiple browsers (Firefox and Chrome), Incognito mode, and repeated attempts over several days. Rather frustrating.

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I am unable to start the required Scout Youth Protection Training. I have successfully done so in the past. My certificate expires 11/23/20, so I am trying to take the program again.
When I click “start” for the training I am taken to a screen that has “Overview and Policies v2” on the top left corner and the rest of the screen is blank. That is all that happens, despite many different attempts on two different computers. How do I complete my Youth Protection Training?
Thank you.

My work around for this was to go in, one by one, and search for the specific trainings I needed, and take them a’la carte as opposed to through my list of required ones. It was putsy and took a lot of extra time, but in the end I was able to be “completely trained”…

I’m attempting to complete the Scout Master specific training and something is wrong with the quiz which prevents you from completing the course. No matter what answer you choose it marks it as incorrect. Any ideas on who to contact or advise?

If I recall correctly, the online learning modules are contracted out by BSA to an outside vendor. I’m tagging @RickHillenbrand on this. He generally has contacts further into the technical side of the organization than most of us, and might be able to point you to the right folks (or at least laert them to the issue).

Which specific module and question in the quiz is causing the issue, so that the IT folks can track it down?

Can you also provide screen shots before I engage the ScoutingU folks?

Okay, see below. I am trying to complete the “Scouts BSA - Scoutmaster Position Specific Training” and get stuck on the " Before the First Meeting" section “Aims and Methods of Scouts BSA” course. This issue shows that “Religious Study” in incorrect, but I have tried every scenario and it gives the same message.

The second one is on “First 30 Days” section “Patrol Leaders Council Meeting” course. Same issue, the correct answer is not accepted and I tried all of them.


So if I’m understanding you correctly, @ZacharyFidler, if you were to check A, B and C in the first question, and A, B, and C in the second question, each question still returns as incorrect? As shown, I agree with the software that the answers are incorrect (or at least incomplete).

Correct, you can choose A or AB or ABC or B or BC or C for example and the answer is always incorrect.


Hi, @RickHillenbrand,

The same concern was raised in this thread by @SuzanneMyrick :

I don’t know if the ScoutingU folks need an additional test-case or not, or if you had already seen her post yourself.

Thanks again for all of the liaison work you put into getting concerns from the discussions in front of the right technical people. It makes a great complement to the work that the SUAC folks are doing with the Scoutbook/IA-specific side of things.


From the SoutingU Program Manager, this question has been asked many times in the past. The material is covered in Aims & Methods course, and this specific question has been reviewed several times. Without giving the answer away… try again.

Both questions referenced direct you to Click or Select All That Apply. Questions are valid and were vetted by Scouts BSA Committee and QA’d in 2 systems. Everything need to answer the questions are in the material presented in the course.

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I have been trying to take YPT several times over the past months. When I open up a module I just get a blank box. The video does not play.

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What device and browser/version are you using?