Committee Training Question/Bug

I have two (troop) committee members who are showing as “trained” (with a green YES) on my Trained Leader report, but who haven’t completed their position specific training. Both, however, DID complete Pack Committee Training back when they were adult leaders in their packs, and I’m wondering if that’s what is happening here.

Has anyone else run into this same situation? Is there any way to verify that this is what the problem is? Is there any way to get this changed to have the report show “NO” for their trained status?


@MelissaRoder If you post their BSA member ID numbers, we can take a look.

(No names, please.)

BSA ID: 12025480

BSA ID: 132266727

Thank you so much!

Hi Melissa @MelissaRoder,

I am assuming you are looking at the Trained Leader Status report accessed from your unit Training Manager dashboard.

This report only shows the current methods of completing training. It does not explain that each person has to do Mandatory Training, but do either / or for next two columns, Classroom Training and Online Training.

The history of online training is not included. Current (2020/06) Troop Committee Member training is the 471 series with 9 modules. Previous iterations are the 430 series (2019/01) with 17 modules and the 400 series (2017 & 2018) ending with 17 modules.

If the person completed modules under an old series, they are trained, but the modules do not show on today’s report.

Training Modules required for Troop Committee Member:
2020/06 = 471-474, 476, 481-482, 485, 530
2019/01 = 430-433, 435-436, 438-447, 530
2018 = 400-415, 530

Classroom history is not relevant for most people - the class codes equivalent to WS10 were retired pre-2000.

@MelissaRoder Please ask your local council to send in a help ticket on your behalf.

Be as specific as you can and include their names, BSA member ID numbers, etc.

@DougWright The first person I looked up hasn’t done any modules in the 400 or 500 series.

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Thanks @JenniferOlinger for the update.

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