Only Youth Members may be transferred at this time - popup notice

We have an adult whose kid has bridged out but they’re still showing up in our roster in, but not in SB. I tried transferring him to a local troop and got this error.

What can be done?

Leaders remain on the roster until

  1. They transfer their membership to a new unit with the Council.
  2. They fall off the roster at recharter.

For 1, this must be initiated by the leader who is leaving the unit. The existing unit cannot initiate the transfer.

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Thanks. How can I tell them to initiate that?

MYST Transfer tool.pdf (222.1 KB)

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The leader needs to register with a new unit, either online if available in your Council or with a paper app. If they do not register with a new unit, they will remain on your roster until your recharter for next year is posted.

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