Opt Out issues

I am managing all 3 units Pack, Boys Troop & Girls Troop for renewals. I have several showing they have opted out which they have not and neither COR nor the individuals have an option of turning this off. I have included print screens of those in all 3 units who have this issue.

I also have a few who show renewal dates prior to July 2024. My understanding the start date of this new process was Aug 1, 2023. Therefore they would renew starting in July 2024. Thus there should be NO members renewing before this date.

All those on our rosters who have either of these issue are highlighted in each of the print screens. Please advise as to how to fix these. None have opted out and any with renewals before July 2024 need to be fixed.

Also none of our Key 3 are receiving any emails indicating members need to renew.

Thanks for your help.

321 ALL Opt Out.docx (1.4 MB)

@TammieZemler - please contact your council

Also why is 13653947 showing 12/31/24 renewal for GT321 but shows he needs to register with BT321. He is CC for GT and committee member for BT321.

@TammieZemler - contact your council

Screenshot 2024-07-03 at 9.49.39 AM

Red is opted out - if the toggle is on they are just in the window

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