Ordering Badge again

I have a scout that lost a physical merit badge. Is there any way I can add it to another purchase order again?

Possibly, but I’m not sure if it’s worth the effort. Many scoutshops would let you replace it if you say it was lost. If not, first remove the awarded checkbox on it. Then, open the PO it was on and use the newish functionality to remove an item from the PO. Then, you should be able to add it to a new PO.

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Alternatively, because you are replacing a patch that was lost, you could probably just re-print the old Advancement Report with the Scout’s name and merit badge on it. Just explain to the Scout shop what you are doing.

Thank you. I was able to find the items in the original purchase order and remove them. Since someone else goes to the scoutshop for purchases (and they can forget anything that is not on the purchase order itself), it helps to have a single document to email the scoutshop to prepare in advance.

Yeah, I’ve never had a problem at a Scout Shop buying replacement badges. I’ve shown them the Scout’s advancement page on my phone to confirm that badge was earned a couple times; more often I’ve just said “Hey, I need a replacement patch” and they help me out.

When I had to replace my uniform shirt recently with a smaller size, I shot photos of the badges (with devices) on my old uniform to replace the previously earned badges. The photos are also useful if old uniforms are lost or damaged, and when it is time to sew badges on a new uniform shirt

My local Scout Shop accepted the photos as prove of having earned or being awarded with the badges needing replacement.



Quite off topic, but I saw your post on Fire and Smoke and it was too late to add to it. And system must know me because they won’t let me start a thread.
Anyway, there are two GIS apps that are widely used outdoors. AllTrails and Gaia.
AllTrails does not have access to fire/smoke conditions (One of the reasons I don’t use it).
Gaia does have layers that will show current fire and old fire areas. It also has layers for current smoke conditions, as well as 48 and 72 hour predictions.
Gaia is a good map source. Both these apps have paid plans that let you download data so that it can be used in backcountry without cell/internet.

@DavidSchilpp I have added your remarks to the referenced restricted thread.

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