Organization Security Manager - Functional Positions

When I try to add a person in a position, it says position updating, but the person does not show up in the listing. Does it take a while to populate, or is there an error in the system? I am the COR.

Was this resolved? I have a SM that is trying to assign positions and it will let him save the positions, but upon returning to the previous page they are not reflecting the changes he made.

is the units charter closed?

Yes, it was processed over a month ago.

what is BSA # for the SM?

133739845 is his BSA #

yes looks like it is broken - we will get word to that team

Has the Scoutmaster waited overnight? There is an overnight process that has to run, so the people designated should show up the following day.

@RickHillenbrand can you get the word out that Security Manager is not working?

@JenniferOlinger in the past for me it was instant

It isn’t instant anymore.

He hasn’t waited overnight, it was just this morning he tried to make changes.

On the Organization Security Manager page it now says (in tiny writing):

“The positions added or removed will not take effect until the next day.”

I’ll let him know. Thank you for the quick response and feedback

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Also, maybe make the “tiny writing” larger?

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Done. I sent the note to IDG… Thanks

@RickHillenbrand OSM is not broken. Users need to wait overnight before the functional positions show up in the OSM.

Can the tiny writing be made larger and much more visible? See this screenshot:

OK – Thanks for the update.

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As I was reminded by the BSA IT Program Manager for OSM “…we will not be making any fixes to Org Security Manager as we are currently rewriting it to Position Manager.”

Hopefully, if the same time delay behavior and notice persists into the new Position Manager, the UI developers can make it more prominent in that interface. :grin:

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