Our adult leader dissapeared and not in global search

Our advancement chair just lost her access to the pack. We’ve tried “add a new leader” and she doesn’t appear in the global search.

She’s not one of our paid BSA leadership roles (like our Key 3, treasurer, and den/asst. den leaders) but that shouldn’t matter, right? It’s worked the whole year so far.

Far East council 803

Thank you in advance…

@GregoryZimmerman The Advancement Chair needs to be registered as an adult leader. This is usually a Committee Member’s functional role.

Ugggh… we’ll have to register her then. It’s really not fair to packs to be making us pay for every adult who helps. We’ve already paid and registered 14 leaders (at a cost of about $1000) and now we have to pay even more. These minor roles don’t even have contact with the scouts, she literally works in scoutbook, buys and bags the awards from home. Seems like overkill to have to do a CBC and eat $45 of our pack dues.

I’m actually pretty surprised it worked for so long. The BSA made the change to require all adults with leader roles in Scoutbook to be registered scouters some time ago. It sounds like things are likely to become more restrictive over time rather than less, if the scuttlebutt I’ve been hearing is correct.


The argument I’ve heard is that, as an adult with a leader role in Scoutbook, they can obtain access to PII for the youth, as well as messaging them. The BSA wants to make sure everyone who has that kind of access has passed a background check and been approved by the Chartering Organization.


@GregoryZimmerman - i do think i would consider the AC a minor role or task. There is a good deal of work involved as well as time commitment. It is key to the progress of the unit.

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