Our Den leader can not approve Adventure or Rank

Our Den leader can not approve Adventure or Rank. When they access IA there is no option to ‘RECORD ADVANCEMENT’ under Record Progress Menu. Is it located somewhere else and we missed it? What can we do to remedy this for each Den Leader of Pack 37?

@SamsonRamirez post BSA number and we can look

I’m not sure which number you need so her is what I know.
Unit: Pack 0037 F
Council: Greater Los Angeles Area
District: Rose Bowl
Chartered Organization: Friends of Don Benito Pack 37
Leader: (name removed by Moderator)

Member with the issue: 12854905
My member number (no issue reporting advancements) :13386584

@SamsonRamirez ok here is the issue - that user needs to be assigned to a den for Den Leader and Den Admin - is there a reason you are using IA instead of scoutbook.scouting.org? Would be easier probably. See image - no Den assigned

No reasons other than it was what the prior volunteer used.
So I am assuming our Key 3 should have access to update this then. Will give that a try.