Den Admin can't enter advancements in Scoutbook+

I have a den admin who is getting an error when he tries to enter activity against an adventure. It says he doesn’t have access to the API. I’ve checked everything in his membership and I don’t see any reason why he wouldn’t have access to his scouts.

Can you provide their bsa member number (no names) please?

His ID is: 135164805


Is the den leader having trouble entering for more than just their own child?

Den Leader doesn’t have a child in the pack. He’s getting the error message on all Scouts, using 3 different devices (mobile and desktop).


Does he have his pack role selected in the upper right corner?

I’m not sure what you mean. I see the Pack in the top right and his profile is listed as the Den Admin.

Can you show a screenshot of what it should look like?

@TaraSalvi - perhaps it may he easier if that user is engaged here

Oh, it for sure would be. Just trying to get our requirements figured out in our last week of the year.

His says Den Admin where mine says Committee Chairman (annoying).

Is Den Admin not allowed to submit updates towards advancement.

@TaraSalvi - what are the steps that person is taking to enter the advancement items and they are in

This is the screenshot he sent me. It looks like the right place to me, based on where I update advancements.

@TaraSalvi if needs to be done now - one solution is for another leader to try to get it done. ???

I know. I’m doing it for him now. I’m just annoyed that it’s not working for him when it worked for all of my other leaders.

@TaraSalvi - SUAC is also - BUT lets get unit sorted before 1 user is all I am suggesting

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This has been reported to the developers, but we do not know when it will be fixed.

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Hi! Piggybacking on this. I have this same issue.