Recharter posted, lost acess

The last time I checked our recharter posted, but soon after I lost all access in MyScouting and Scoutbook. I’ve waited a little over a week to see if it would fix itself and it hasn’t. Is this something you’ll be able to fix or do I need to go through Council?

it says you logged into SB today - did you just get a whoops page?

I didn’t. I logged in to see if I had access to Internet Advancement like I usually would and I don’t.


You are not a registered leader with the BSA. Your last registration, which is not a leader position, was Lion Adult Partner which expired in 2020. Once you register and your registration is processed, your access should return.

Ok thanks. I’ll give it another week and reach out to Council to see what the hold up is.My last registered position should’ve been CC.


We found another BSA Member ID for you. We need to patch your accounts back together. I’ll let you know when this is fixed.

I got this fixed for you @AndrewBrewer

I just noticed that. When I switched to that number everything returned to normal. I thought that was one my son’s account for some reason.

Thank you! I want to say I ran into this problem last year but I can’t remember.

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