Pack leader can't add me as Den leader

Hi, my Pack leader couldn’t add me as the den leader. I’ve been a den leader in the past but he says he can’t find me. I’m a parent connection to my scout and can update his advancement.


You are not registered with the BSA on the BSA Member ID of the account you used to post this question. Once you are registered, you can be added to the Den as den leader.


Ask one of your unit key 3 (Cubmaster, Committee Chair, Chartering Organization Representative) check the official roster at It sounds like your registration ended, and needs to be renewed. That could have happened because of a rechartering error (i.e. unintentionally left off of the list) or an actual gap in registration.

If you’re on the list, you can post your BSA ID and one of the SUAC may be able to help with diagnosis.

3 years ago you were registered as Den Leader under BSA # 136085757 - you would need to fill out a new adult application - now you are signed in under BSA # 10023979


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