Pack Reports - "Needs approval" report link returns Scouts BSA report instead of Cub Pack

I’m key 3 for a Cub Pack, an ASM for a Scouts BSA Troop, and a Merit Badge Counselor. When I log in to Scoutbook and go to the Pack page, when I click on “Pack Reports” and view the “Needs Approval” report, I am directed to the Troop “Needs Approval” report, not the Pack one.

@BenjaminHeavner simply means there is nothing to approve in pack

Shouldn’t I get a report that says that for the Pack, instead of some other report? The Troop also doesn’t have anything that needs approval.

If I recall one unit always shows even if nothing to approve. Report is a stretch for the function of the feature

Thanks @DonovanMcNeil - good to know this isn’t a bug and I’m probably not missing things that need approval for the Pack!

Yeah in a well run pack a non-den leader should rarely need to approve anything - let the Den Leaders do it, they are the ones that know

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