Pack roster has 15 leaders, but the "send message" page only has 13 of the leaders listed as possible recipients

Scoutbook (15 leaders listed)

Scoutbook (13 leaders listed)

Why aren’t all the leaders listed? Can I fix it myself? If not, how can I get it fixed?


This problem occurs both with and without the “Feature Assistant Extension for Scoutbook”.

Please provide the member numbers of the individuals who don’t appear

The missing leaders have member IDs 13764025 and 127038566.

@AntoineDunn on the XO I have never seen them appear on messages as it is .01% that WANT anything to do with the unit. On the other, first guess is the user seems to have duplicate positions for duplicate dens, and that might be confusing the system


Agreed on the XO – I don’t want to email them, so it’s not a problem.

For the other, I noticed that the email was showing up when I edited the leader profile –

But the email was NOT showing up when I edited the parent profile.

After adding the email to the parent profile, the parent shows up in Send Messages in both the Adult and Parent columns.

@AntoineDunn if you recall - were they a leader before they had a parent connection?

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