Scoutbook roster issues with newly added adults

I have two newly registered adults who are the topic of this post.
Both were Life/Eagle scouts in the late nineties and had previous BSA ids.
Both were members of councils other than what they are currently.

Currently, both of these individuals are den leaders. roster shows them as members and den leaders.

Their unit position association seems to be buggy. I recently had to add one of them back to the den as a leader.

The biggest issue that isn’t understood at the moment is this. Both individuals show up on the roster in any way that it is presented. The problem is when I use the “send message” interface to email the unit. These individuals are NOT on this list. I didn’t realize this list was generated differently.

I was alerted to this problem by them saying they weren’t receiving the emails I was sending. I was simply clicking the ‘select all’ button to add everyone to the emails. What’s also strange is that their children are not on this list either. Surely they should have been receiving the emails through the connections with their children but this wasn’t the case either because they are missing from the email roster as well.

The other thing I noticed about both individuals is that their council (on their scoutbook profile page) is set to their council from the 90s, not the one they are members of today.

The council office said this was a good place to start for more information. Any help would be appreciated.


@ShaneDugas - generally cub scouts are not listed in send messages as they do not have email or have not been invited to connect by their parents. Please do post the BSA ID of each leader in question.

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Did they reappear in the Send Message interface after you re-added the position in Scoutbook?

Also, which particular Send Message interface are they missing from? You can get there from several different paths, and each one gives a slightly different list of people, depending on your permissions list.

Sounds like they have duplicate accounts. Scoutbook requires each account to have a unique email address. So, it’s likely on the other one.

I misspoke. I meant the parents list, which is the middle list. The scouts are on the far right column in the send message dialogue. Den leaders usually still show up as parents, depending on the dialogue.

The BSA numbers are…

They did not reappear in the list afterwards.

Here is the context.

Yeah, it sounds like the account showing up in the pack isn’t properly associated with their scouts’ (i.e. as a Parent/Guardian), and @jacobfetzer’s comment regarding multiple accounts could explain that.

@ShaneDugas They were both missing e-mail addresses in Scoutbook. This should be fixed now.

Thank you very much!

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