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Pack traininer needs more access

My Pack trainer has the role in Scoutbook, but can’t view the trained leader report or edit adult leader training. What else do we need to do to get him the access necessary?

Hi, @DennisMonk,

How long has your pack trainer been listed with that title in my.scouting? That position “expires” each year and had to be reset in the Organization Manager (I think) at my.scouting by the unit Key 3 (cubmaster, committee chair, and chartered org rep).

That may be the key. I am not a key 3 (just a scoutbook admin) so it may be that he needs appropriate my.scouting access. He is new to the position, and the transition has been a bit choppy.

I’d reach out to one of the Key 3 and all them to set that functional position at my.scouting. That should fix the problem, I believe.

Yes, one of the pack Key 3 or a Key 3 Delegate needs to designate him as “Unit Training Chair” using the Organization Security Manager at There is a file that runs overnight, so he will likely have access the next day.

@CharleyHamilton @JenniferOlinger Pack Trainer is a registered position, so does not need to be reset each year. Rather, it is reregistered through the recharter process.

However, “Unit Training Chair” is a functional role, useful for units without a Pack Trainer.

The Training Chair/Coordinator and Training Committee Member access is set in the Organizational Security Manger tool. I do not know if registering a Pack Trainer automatically sets the Training Chair access in Organization Security Manager database.

Part of the challenge is that registered positions with access to my.Scouting tools can have an have an expiration date that is not at the end of the year. For one of my non-calendar year registered positions my access to tools has to be manually reset at least twice a year.

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