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Paperless advancement at Scout Stores

I saw the post elsewhere by Scout Store staff @FranklinJohnson – he’s onto something.

Please make it possible for den leaders to purchase badges/awards by showing Scout Store staff the advancement list from ScoutBook or Internet Advancement on their phones.


What exactly are you requesting? That’s up to your scout store and council what they will accept. Mine allows us to show the advancement report electronically.

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Another option is to e-mail the Advancement Report to the Scout shop / council (if they will accept it that way).

I’ve emailed the report to my Scout Shop, but that seems to be an informal/unofficial process, as it gets sent to the employee’s individual email, and she then prints it for their records.

I think an electronic system where Scout Shop staff can see the approved report and PO through an online portal, immediately after it’s submit (without users having to use 3rd party means to send it) would be great. I don’t know what Scout Shops even do with those reports, after we hand them in, but if they are required to maintain records, having them feed electronically from SB to their system could be a big benefit to them, as well as us.

In my council, the Scout Shop takes the forms to the Council office. If they are from Scoutbook or Internet Advancement, they are just filed with the hand written reports. If they are from a different source, someone keys the data into ScoutNET before the reports are filed.

I don’t know how long the council retains the reports but I do know they are not immediately destroyed.

The Scout Shop at my council service center is not run by the council, however I am sure the shop manager has to coordinate with the council about a number of things.

The Scout Shops are run by BSA national supply group and the shop staff wear gold (national) shoulder tabs.

So all local shops could be notified about any new reports Scoutbook is generating.

Want to work at a local shop? See BSA Supply Group employment opportunities for current openings.

My local Scout Shop in Wilmington, Delaware is operated by National Supply. The council asks them to staple a copy of the receipt to a signed Advancement Report whenever recognitions required to be reported are purchased.

Since that Scout Shop is only 20 minutes south of another council (in Pennsylvania) and 20 minutes west of a third council (in New Jersey), they probably get lots of business from other councils. Maybe not so much from New Jersey, since there is a toll for the bridge. I don’t know what they do with out-of-council purchasers. I’ll ask the next time I’m there.