Advancement Report to Council, is it needed?

I am new to being Advancement Chair. I ran the purchase order for badges and ranks and with it there is also a prefilled Advancement Report. My problem is the confusion as to if I send that report to the council. I read somewhere to send it to the council however the previous Advancement Chair mentioned that Scout book and Internet Advancement 2.0 are both already synced with the BSA database so there shouldn’t be a need to send a report in to council. On the report it does say Advancement Sync with BSA national database so that makes sense if they already have it then why send it. However I still want to verify if I need to send the Advancement Report in as instructions say otherwise as well as someone else mentioned sending the report in. Thank you.

Most ScoutShops still want the AR to be turned in

So I should bring it to the scout shop with me and hand it in to them?

That is the idea and official policy = it is just saying you did your job and it is recorded

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I will bring the advancement report with me then. Thank you.

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Some scoutshops accept showing it to them on your phone.

I brought the advancement report to the Scout Shop. They said they did not need it. They said I should turn it into the council once a month. Not sure what that means and they gave me no info on who in the council I would send that report to. Again not sure why if we use Scout book which is connected to the BSA database they should have that information. Apparently everyone has a different answer.

Contact your council advancement chairman. They should know the process. Your District Executive would know who that is.

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