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BLUF - Is there a way (or a reason) to connect my youth to my my.scouting account? Or is all youth profile data managed solely through Scoutbook?

The my.scouting account is only showing a connection to 1 of 5 youth I have registered in Scouting, and the one that does show as connected gives an error (“Unable to get access to Scout’s Name profile. Something’s Wrong”) when I click their name. Is something actually wrong as the message states? If I should see all of my youth in the menu under “Youth Profiles” what is the process to get them listed there?

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Well it allows you to manage their registrations a little bit easier is the main current reason - your council can help

This is probably where I admit that I didn’t realize you could be connected to your scout through my.scouting. Now I’m also curious to see if there is a reason I should be connected…

Where do you go at see the connection? I can’t even see somewhere I would expect to find that.

the easiest place to see IF you are connected is clicking My Applications - and if you see your Scout there you are connected

Fascinating…and there’s my scout. Learn something new every day. :^)

I wonder if maybe you weren’t the person listed as the adult on the scout’s application (or possibly with a different email address/form of your name), you won’t show up as connected @TimothyCline.

or if council does not search for parent and just puts them in again making yet another MID is usually what takes place

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Thanks Donovan. Funny enough, selecting “My Applications” shows two more (so total of 3) of my five. I’ve asked my Unit Commissioner to let me know, their meeting is tonight so I’ll let the forum know what the response is.

For those that are looking for it here’s a snapshot of the my.scouting menu where the connection should show.

Considering the “My Applications” vice “Youth Profile” discovery, I wonder if it has something to do with how the other 4 scouts were submitted via Paper applications whereas the fifth, and the one showing up under Youth Profile," was submitted via an online application. I would still expect the remaining two to show up under the “My Applications.”

More to come.

Hunh. I don’t even see that in my pulldown menu options. My scout joined (and transferred from pack to troop) via paper, so maybe that’s the linkage.

yeah I am connected to my son AND he has a MYST account but that Youth Profile has always been blank for me

MYST is an old system - unfortunately not older than other legacy systems BSA is moving off of

I noticed earlier this year that only one of my sons was listed under My Applications at my.scouting and it was not the son that I filled out the application for (i.e. I am not the parent on the application).

What I did was contact my Council Office and had them connect me to all 3 of my boys in my.scouting. I was already connected to all 3 in Scoutbook. I provided my Council contact my BSA ID# and the BSA ID#s of my two missing boys and she was able to make the my.Scouting connection for me.

The main reason I wanted to make sure all 3 were listed under me is because my husband has taken a very large step back from all things scouting so I am the main person doing BSA stuff.

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I need to add my children to my.scouting account

My BSA ID: 110239923

My Children:

@DavidCauble you need to talk to your council