Parent cant connect

Hello! I have several parents (of new scouts) who have received the “invite to connect” email, but are saying they can’t connect. They’ve also tried resetting password and aren’t getting an email back. Is there something we aren’t doing that is preventing them from getting connected? Thanks!

if they have usernames (from maybe online applications) have they tried using those?

Not that I know of. I think most are brand new to scouting. Although some do already have bsa numbers from when our registrar entered them. How could I find out if they have a my.scouting username? How do they find out what it is?

@KeriOsterhaus by asking them - does your unit accept online applications? if they did an online app they have to have a login

We don’t have an online application. From our conversations, they are new and wouldn’t have been in my.scouting yet. I will ask them though and see if that’s the issue. Thanks!

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