Parent and den leader/advancement chair cannot approve adventure for my child

I am experiencing the same problem. I am dropped-down to my leader position (Pack Admin/three others), yet it won’t let me approve a 2024 requirement for the Scout who is also my child.


Approving advancement for your own child is a known issue. The workaround is to have a unit admin approve your Scout’s advancement.

The developers are aware of the issue.

Linking a similar issue here: Cannot Mark Protect Yourself As Complete - #9 by RyanHendrickson

Will you be able to update the community here when the developers are actively working on the issue vs. just being aware of it?


BSA IT does not release their active work list nor expected release dates. Fixes are announced in the change log forum when released.

It’s a bit of a kludge, but I have had success approving requirements/adventures for my own child by running the Needs Approval Report in Legacy Scoutbook after marking the requirements complete in Scoutbook Plus or the Scouting mobile app.

I understand the practice of not promising features and not giving dates out, but the commitment to not being transparent with high priority bug fixes to the community is honestly astounding. It’s easy to say something is actively being worked; the community then knows it’s out of the queue of thousands of issues and into someone’s hands.

I’d ask you as part of the community’s advocates to pass this feedback along.

I’d add that I really love the new Scoutbook Plus modernization - it’s fast, responsive, and looks like a modern website, but it’s hard to be patient when issues crop-up like these and there’s no insight “behind the curtain”.

I do appreciate everything you’re doing to keep up with the forums here! It’s a massive undertaking. Great job! Thank you!

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This has been discussed in the past with BSA IT and the answer was they don’t release information about what is actively being worked on. We cannot go back multiple times after we have been given an answer or we jeopardize the relationship the SUAC has with BSA IT.

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If you really want to push for this, @RyanHendrickson, your best route is probably by convincing your council professionals to advocate for it with the national organization. They have their own pathways into the BSA hierarchy, and the ability to push for the issues that they believe are needed to further the success of scouting as a whole. That said, with everything I know the SE and other professionals in my own council are juggling (plus loads of stuff I’m sure I don’t know about), I suspect it’s going to take a really convincing business case to get traction even at the council level for most councils.

You both make great points and it sounds like the SUAC is in favor of greater transparency to the community, but not seeing those same values up the chain. I will bring up this issue with our district and council executive in Baltimore Area Council and see where we can take it it. I’m certain we’ll need community support here to help our voice be heard.

@edavignon It sounds like you’ve presented this issue numerous times. If you can provide me the number of attempts the SUAC team has made and the rough timeframe/year of the most recent request that the SUAC has made to BSA IT, that would be very helpful. Most importantly, I’d like to know if the requests were made with respect to the new system in mind - or focused on the old Scoutbook system.

@CharleyHamilton Is the BSA hierarchy published where we can see the lead of BSA IT? I’d like to understand how many steps/levels away our Council Exec is from a BSA IT leader who can affect change.

Not that I am aware of. I’m a unit scouter (ASM), and an ex oficio member of my district committee as our OA chapter adviser, so I may not be the best person to know that. :⁠^)


The developers would like you to try to add the Fishing adventure for these Scouts again. Please let me know if this works.

@edavignon It did. Give a big thank you to the developers for me!

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I do not believe the root cause has been fixed. If you run into the issue again on new Scouts, go into the “bad” adventure and toggle the version to the old then back to current.

I am also the Pack’s advancement chair (and this particular scout’s parent) and I cannot approve their advancement, only mark it complete.

Purely in Scoutbook+. Regular Scoutbook works as intended.

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