Parent can only see one of his 2 Scouts

OK, I have a parent with 2 Scouts. The first Scout, we’ll call him Joe, was a Scout a couple years ago but took a couple years off during COVID (and in a different council than we are in). He no longer has access to the email that the original parent account was set up with, didn’t remember his password and had never set up SSO for that account.

The second (younger) Scout, we’ll call him Tim, is a new Scout. The parent was automatically given a new Scoutbook account with this new Scout.

Because he never had a account, I had him create one with the new email and had him add the former member ID to his new account. He screenshotted his for me, and it worked.

However, when he goes into Scoutbook, he can only see Tim, not Joe. And when I look at Joe, it still shows the old account/address/email address and when I try to add the new account to Joe, it can’t find that parent name (and he has a really unique name).


You can use connections manager to add a connection to the other scout and then go into that connection and change the type to parent/guardian.

If you provide the parent’s member number, we can look into merging the accounts.

@KarenRodman If you only have the BSA member numbers for the Scouts, we can probably take it from there.

The parent’s new BSA ID is 14369394 (old ID#136521980)
Tiger : 14369393

Let me know if you need anything else.


I found the two Scoutbook accounts and merged them. The father needs to log in with the Google Login button.

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