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Parent cannot connect to scout - part 2013

I have a parent with a “Changeyouremail@scoutbook.com” address who cannot get this undone and connect to his scout. Scout MID is 135987795, parent is 13767871. It’s possible that the parent got added to Scoutbook before his MID got created on the registration side. He is able to log in at My.Scouting.

Any help would be much appreciated.

The Father is Fixed - the Scout it looks like the Council made 2 BSA #s for

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OK Council grabbed a 3 year old STEM Scout registration for the Scout and put that in Troop - call them and have them search for the Pack membership

132627832 is the BSA # you want in the Troop

The prompt help is awesome, thanks Donovan!

once council has right BSA# (MID) in the troop - post again and we can clean up the SB side - the father is connected to both SB Accounts for Scout - Looks like scout is new to Troop - use paper not Scoutbook till we get it fixed for you - right now advancements do NOT merge on accounts

Hello again Donovan! Can you help fix an email in scoutbook? This new Scouter reserve is missing the . in his email.

BSA # 127031600

TIA, Connie

@ConstanceGonsalves I fixed it - BUT be noted users can often fix email themself

Thank you, I will be sure to have the person try themselves next time.
Thank you for the info!

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