Parents having trouble connecting to Scout on Scoutbook

I have 2 parents that are having issues connecting to their Scout on Scoutbook. I have sent an “invite” several times and they are not getting it. I think that someone told them to create their own account and perhaps that is part of the problem.

The scout ID is 140160198. Are you able to see any issues on your end?


There are 2 better ways for a parent to connect with a Scout than using the invite process.

  1. Have the parent create a ID if they don’t already have one. Log in to Scoutbook. Navigate to My Account → My Connections then select Connect to Scout as Parent/Guardian at the top of the page. The parent will need their child’s BSA Member ID.
  2. Ask your Council to use Registrar Tools to connect the parent to the Scout. 24 hours later, the connection will be made in Scoutbook. This requires the parent to have a BSA Member ID which they can get by creating a ID.

The father is connected to the Scout. The father should log in using ID (firstname)(lastname)(2 digit year of birth)

@edavignon I think the dad has 2 BSA member numbers. One had first name, the other has a nickname.

That makes sense because when I look at Scoutbook, dad doesn’t appear connected. It shows his “nickname.”

What is the best way to deal with him having 2 accounts?

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