Parent can't change email address at scoutbook


I’m trying go change my email address at scoutbook, which I don’t use it anymore, but scoutbook doesn’t let me do it.
Error: This email address is already in our system. Try logging in with …

Thanks in advance,

I’ve sent you a private message to gather some info so we can assist.

My son can’t get into Scoutbook. He forgot his my.scouting login info. I can’t figure out how to help him.we wanted to change his email but can’t figure that out either. Any ideas

Does he still have access to the old email address? If so, theoretically, he should be able to use the “Forgot Password” feature at Scoutbook to reset his password.

If that’s not working, has he tried the help 'bot at (bottom right corner)? Try the “Password reset” button when you click on the chat bubble.

Adam, I sent you a private message.

I am having the same issue. Could someone help me?

I am having the same issue, could you help me as well?


Holly, I sent you a private message for more information. Please look for the indicator on your avatar in the upper-right of the forums.

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