Parent connection lost to one scout

Parent 116191872 was connected to two scouts, but connection for 127277731 disappeared. Connection to scout 130299100 still exists. I tried to delete/reestablish the connection, but cannot locate the parent by name or email address.

There are several ways to reconnect the parent to the scout. There’s a discussion here: Have Parent / Have Lion Scout... can't get them linked - #2 by DonovanMcNeil

ETA: As noted in the post to which I linked, the parent search is broken right now.

I tried linking using the parents email address or name and it couldn’t locate the parent. Is there a way to link using tbe BSA id?

Twila Lytle
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Because the parent is already connected to one Scout in your unit, the easiest way is to use the Connections Manager to establish a connection between the parent and Scout 2.

Then go to Scout 2’s Connections page in Scoutbook, click on the parent’s name, and update the relationship type to “Parent / Guardian”.


Was able to add the connection back in with the connection manager. Still unable to list this parent using the email address even though I can list out other email addresses. This parent has an email on I’m able to find parents with email addresses. I also cannot find the parent using first name last name.


Parent search is currently broken in Scoutbook. Currently only registered leaders are returned in searches.

There are 2 workarounds.

  1. Have your Council connect the Scout and parent via Registrar Tools. About 24 hours later they will be connected in Scoutbook.
  2. Have the parent log in to Scoutbook, navigate to My Account → My Connections and click the Connect to Scout as Parent/Guardian. The Scout’s BSA Member ID, last name and date of birth are needed to make this connection.

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