Parent doesn't exist message

I have a parent not receiving emails. I can see her email, and that she’s listed as her son’s parent, with her correct email, but then when I try to go to her account, I get a message that the adult was not found within the active unit.

Parent is CW, BSA member ID 13936176. User id is 11974831. She said she can login, but can’t see where she is linked to her son J.

@KerryLawson - has she clicked on administration and expanded that part ? And please do not post names


The last time this parent logged in was in 2021. She should be using her ID that is her last name. She is connected to J but there was no e-mail address in her Scoutbook account. I synced the address from her ID to Scoutbook.

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Ok thanks for syncing- I’ll ask her to login again as mentioned to see if that fixes the issue.

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