Parent Account Inaccessible

Reposting because I didn’t check in time to reply and other topic closed.

Last month (before we changed my daughters pack so the girls are no longer in the same den), I could see my niece’s mother in Scoutbook under the listed parents for the pack with a no email designation. She had told me she stopped getting emails (not by request) about 2-3 months ago. She has never seen or used Scoutbook or my.scouting as far as she can remember. Since I could see her in the parent list, she tried to do a forgot password for the email address she had been receiving the emails at, but got no such user when she tried to use her email and birthdate to find her username and so could not reset her password. Can you tell me if she has an account? If she does, please let me know who she needs to contact to ensure she is in control of it. Can you confirm if being a parent user in Scoutbook means an account exists?

If it does, she does not know her BSA# or have any information and cannot get the information because her ex-husband is the one who is involved directly and knows everyone. My BSA # is 140153637 if you can track through my record to see my daughter’s previous den and pack (not the current one). Otherwise is there someone we can call about this? She needs to ensure that she (and not her ex-husband) has control of the user account with her name on it. Thanks!

I’m going to send you a private message. Want for the notification in the upper right.

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