Scout's parent in roster not listed under Parents in "Send Message"

Parent is listed in the roster:

But the parent does not show up when sending a message:

The BSA member ID for the scout is – 13939825

I had several parents that were not on the “Send Message” screen. Most I was able to resolve myself by editing the parent profile and adding the parent’s email address. When I attempt to edit this scout’s parent profile, I get an Error message:
“Logged-in user does not have access to this API.”

That parent had no email - I synced it from AKELA

@AntoineDunn if you recall - were they a leader before they had a parent connection?

@DonovanMcNeil , AFAIK, this parent was not a leader before having a parent connection. Their child joined as a Lion last year, and the parent did not fill out a leader application. They did help out as our pocorn kernel though. :slight_smile:

Well that blows up my first idea - thanks

@DonovanMcNeil do you have a second idea? I’m still seeing the same behavior on my end.

I do see at least one instance in my units - it is 2 leader that are NOT connected to scout as parents - so they are not on parent list. Is that the case with you. I did not know they were not connected

Looking at father again there was no email - it was on scouts account - check now @AntoineDunn

@DonovanMcNeil , Success! Parent is now showing up in the “Send Message” screen. Thanks for your help!

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